Mohammad Salman, Iraqi refugee, who lives and works in Fargo, North Dakota in United States. Photo: Michael Vosburg

From Iraq To Fargo – Story Of Iraqi Refugee Living His American Dream

By Sana Jamal Salman, 32, came to USA from Iraq in search of a better life and opportunities. Salman is literally living his American dream. Mohammad Salman had a degree from Technology University, Iraq and had good job too as an interpreter for US Armed Forces but he constantly felt his life was in danger…
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Farrah Gaal Gedi, Somalian refugee who was reunited with his family after 8 years, in Fargo, North Dakota in United States. Photo: Michael Vosburg

From Mogadishu To Fargo – Story Of Somalian Who Reunited With His Family In U.S. After 8 Years

By Sana Jamal Story of Somalian who cherishes every single peaceful minute in United States after witnessing civil war, famine, poverty, political turmoil for more than two decades. Farrah Gaal Gedi has seen enough violence and conflict in his life to make him value the mere feeling such as walking home safely even during nighttime…
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Budha Subba, 38, is one of almost 66,000 Bhutanese refugees who have come to the U.S. since 2008. Photo: Michael Vosburg

This Refugee From Nepal Lived In A Camp For 21 Years Before Coming To Fargo

By Sana Jamal “I am very thankful to US government and North Dakota state for this new, comfortable life, and better job.” Interview with a refugee from Nepal revealed that the new Americans are grateful to the US society and government for the new life and identity. Budha Subba, 38, is one of almost 66,000…
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Jessica Thomasson, director of Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, stands with staff from the LSS New American Services in the building’s chapel. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Fargo Refugee Stories: Refugees And Stateless People Grateful To American Society For New, Improved Life

By Sana Jamal LSS New Americans program empowers refugees to achieve financial independence and employment goals, strengthening the American economy. Imagine starting a new life from scratch in a foreign country. This fear is all the more intimidating for people fleeing from countries facing war, oppression and harsh conditions. United States is one of the…
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Officer Kim Claus, 48, has been in service since 1991 and has dealt with all kinds of cases in her 25-years’ experience.

Interesting And Informative Experience Of Ride-Along With Fargo Police Officer

Fargo’s Police maintain friendly relations with the community Last week, I had the opportunity to ride along with Police Officer Kim Claus in Fargo. She was very friendly and kind enough to share the life as experienced by a police officer in North Dakota, United States. Coming from Pakistan, where the police is not expected…
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